Why are our shifters better?

Well it's quite a simple concept. Our shifters promote function and quality over all else. By having an adjustable shifter, our customers can custom fit the shifter to whatever desired feel they want!

Furthermore, when combined with accessories like our extender kits, you can achieve just about any height and angle you need in order to maximize your driving experience.

It doesn't matter how cool the part looks if it doesn't serve the purpose correctly. That's why we focus on function just as equally when looking at quality and style.


Take a look:

The diagram to the right briefly explains how to adjust your JTC Customs short shifter. It's a simple process that requires little time, few tools, and just a small amount of mechanical knowledge when it comes to working on your own car.

Also note that this is simply a temporary diagram, and in the future we hope to add instructional videos, blog posts, and much much more in getting our car enthusiast customers all the information they need!