We need pictures!

Posted On Apr 26, 2013 By

Hey everyone,

The new website has been coming along nicely. Maybe a little slower than we'd like, but it's definitely starting to offer some promise over the old site. However, things do look a little barren on the homepage, so we need pictures to spruce it up!

If you've got JTC Customs products in your car, then please send us some pics showing off your ride and they might get featured on our website. We figured what better way to make our site look better than with the help of our great customers! You can post your pictures to our Facebook, Twitter, or email them directly to me at mmartin@jtccustoms.com

We've got a lot of design ideas going through our heads, but we haven't decided on anything just yet, but we'll be sure to let everyone know when we do. Some great changes are coming for JTC Customs and we want our fellow car enthusiasts involved every step of the way! Also don't forget to follow us on Twitter! @JTCCustoms