About Us

• Mission statement

To offer a superior aftermarket parts experience based on quality and functionality in order to deliver the highest value to our customers possible.


• Company vision

To become a market leader in transmission and suspension aftermarket parts manufacturing and sales by using efficient and effective production methods and full utilization of today’s global marketplace.


Brief history of the business:

JTC Customs was started to fill a void that existed in the car enthusiast community. Tommy Carroll, a car enthusiast himself, felt that he could help fill that void. Having designed aftermarket parts for years on small a scale for himself, friends, and family, a niche market and a healthy community was outlined. With most available aftermarket parts overpriced and of inferior quality, Mr. Carroll used his knowledge in engineering and experience in performance cars to develop and produce the parts he himself would have been proud to purchase.


"I have designed aftermarket parts for years on small scale for myself as well as friends and recently decided that I would like to help the rest of the car community. I have designed and redesigned many parts based on what I believe the car community could benefit from most. I wanted to create quality aftermarket car parts that I had always sought to buy, but was never able to find, or at a standard and price that I believed was good enough. I did not want to waste my hard earned money on something that I deemed inferior. I wanted to create high quality parts that I knew would perform to my extremely high standards. My mechanical engineering background as well as my dedication to creating a better aftermarket part has allowed me to create quality products that work. I have learned from my experience designing aftermarket parts for my personal race car what will work well and what does not. I am dedicated to creating a better product for all who spend so much of the time, money, and effort working to make their car better. The most important function of this business is to improve the quality and functionality of aftermarket parts. Most of the parts I am going to produce are starting within smaller communities that do not have the availability of some of the larger markets."


Tommy Carroll