1. Where are we located?
2. Why does the website look unfinished?
3. Why doesn’t “X” feature work on the website?
4. Is this particular part in stock?
5. How much does it cost to ship to “X”?
6. How long does it take for orders to ship?
7. I received an email confirmation of order, but where’s my package at now?
8. Will this shifter fit my car?
9. I’m a returning customer; can I still get a deal?
10. Can my friends and I do a group buy?
11. I really want “X” shifter for my car; can you make it?
12. What is our warranty policy?



1. Where are we located?

Atlanta, GA


2. Why does the website look unfinished?

In an effort to keep our overhead low, so that prices can be just as low, we manage and design the website in-house. Unfortunately, this means that changes don’t happen as quickly as we would like, and sometimes it requires a little tinkering on our part. However, you can always feel confident that e-commerce section of the website for processing transactions will always be top priority.


3. Why doesn’t “X” feature work on the website?

Related to the reasons expressed above, not everything on the website works currently. There are a lot of placeholders, and content is rather sparse. However, we have many exciting things planned for the future, so stay tuned because eventually we hope to make the website just as functional as our performance parts!


4. Is this particular part in stock?

Generally, if a part says it’s in stock on the website, then we do have it in stock. The ordering process is set up so that you can’t order anything that’s not in stock. Fine-tuning this feature is an ongoing process to display better information to our customers. In the future, we hope to allow backordering of parts, and proper estimates of when parts will become available again.


5. How much does it cost to ship to “X”?

We receive a lot emails in regards to how much it would cost to ship to a specific location, usually outside the United States. Our shipping estimate calculator is connected directly to the USPS, so it should be an accurate estimate if you simply enter your address information into the appropriate fields. However, we may consider developing a nice info-graphic chart as a quick way for people to check general prices if needed.


6. How long does it take for orders to ship?

Our rule of thumb is for order processing and packaging to take no later than 48 hours, unless the order is placed after hours on Friday or the weekend. Shipping times can vary, but we generally send all packages via USPS Priority or Express mail. All shipments outside of the continental United States are done through USPS Express for better tracking.



7. I received an email confirmation of order, but where’s my package at now?

An email confirmation is sent out when all orders are placed. However, due to our limited staff, sometimes packages are shipped out without the shipment confirmation when done in larger batches. We’re working to streamline our process so this happens a lot less frequently and apologize for the inconvenience. In addition, tracking information for shipments is only as good as the USPS allows, and often depends on whether it was sent Priority or Express mail. We’ll be considering more shipment options in the near futures as well.


8. Will this shifter fit my car?

Generally, if your car year model fits within the description of the shifter, then you shouldn’t have any problems. However, read the part’s descriptions carefully to make sure it fits your particular application. This topic is another area where we hope to develop some type of quick reference chart when time permits as well.


9. I’m a returning customer; can I still get a deal?

JTC Customs tries it’s very best to offer most functional and highest quality parts we can make at the most reasonable prices we can offer. That being said, we extremely appreciate our dedicated customers and their repeat business. It’s very important that everyone register for an account on our website and follow us on social media. In the future, deals and promotions will be distributed via these particular channels, so check back regularly. We’ll have more details to come in the following weeks once all the details are worked out.


10. Can my friends and I do a group buy?

We understand the appeal for groups buys, but also realize they can be delicate things, and many times end up with far fewer people involved than originally intended. For this reason, we reserve the right to handle group buys on a case-by-case basis. Group buys are done according to a tiered structure, so if you’re interested please contact us directly.


11. I really want “X” shifter for my car; can you make it?

We realize the current applications for our shifters are limited in scope, and plenty of people would love to have one made for their specific model car. That is why we’ll soon be expanding our product line at much more accelerated pace once the groundwork is finished for our expansion efforts. However, the most exciting aspect to this expansion is that we’ll be directly involving our customers in the process for choosing exactly which application to add to our product line. So stay tuned!


12. What is our warranty policy?

All JTC Customs parts come with a non-transferable lifetime warranty. If you're the original purchaser and it breaks,  we ask that you first send us pictures of the broken part and contact information. After we confirm your warranty, simply send us the part and we'll send you a new one.

In addition, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not satisfied, return the parts according to our returns policy, and we'll refund your money minus shipping costs.